Export Visio graphic for Tex document

Visio can export many different image formats but only .emf and .pdf as vector graphics. Tex can only handle .eps and .pdf vector graphics and therefor .pdf is the file format to go.

But there is the problem. All PDF exports allways have a big white margin around them and can’t be imported in Tex like this.

How to export a Visio graphic properly to use it in Tex?

[Answer]: I was searching for a solution for some time so it’s probably usefull for someone else.

You have to do the following in the same order:

In Visio:

  1. Go to options and open Customize Ribbon
  2. Add the developertools to the menu
  3. Go to the developer tab and open Show ShapeSheet -> Print Properties
  4. Edit PageLeftMargin, PageRightMargin, PageTopMargin and PageBottomMargin to 1
  5. Fit to Drawing
  6. Export PDF
  7. options -> current page & don’t show background
  8. Save PDF file

In Tex as usual:


I hope this helps someone else struggling with this problem.