Word 2013 Error – “Operation aborted: max-element-depth constraint violated”

[Questions] I have a document that gives me this error every time I open it in word 2013:

If I press okay, it does a recovery, and then I save the recovered version. Every time I open the recovered version in 2013, I get the same error. If I open it in word 2010, I don’t get any error.

Any ideas how I can get rid of the error?

[Answer]: To fix this error, you have to rename the .docx to a zip file, delete the file Websettings.xml and then rename back to a docx.

[More detailed reference]: I received a problem document from another person recently that could be opened in 2010 but produced errors when opened in 2013. In the case of that document, it contained many empty paragraphs (the OP had wanted to use it as a template and the empty paragraphs where there to create multiple pages on some of which there was a content heading – not the way it should be done of course)

After using Word 2010 to delete all of the empty paragraphs and then saving the document and then opening it in 2013 and saving it, it no longer produced any errors. So I assumed that there was some sort of corruption in the original.

Sometimes copying all but the final paragraph mark and pasting into a new document will also over come document corruption (It is sometimes necessary to insert a continuous section break before the final paragraph mark to preserve headersfooters.

Another thing that you might try on a copy of the document is to change the extension to .zip and the open the archive and delete the WebSettings.xml file from the archive. Others have reported that has overcome problems with documents.

Something in the above may help you.

I guess as you have gone to the trouble of blocking out the file name you will not want to send a copy of the document so that I can investigate the issue.